Local history

Val Bott’s research interests relate to the area of Brentford and Chiswick where she lives. Some outcomes of her work appear as the Nursery Gardeners Archive at nurserygardeners.com and the William Hogarth Trust’s website.

Her book Flood! on the Brentford Flood of 1841 won the London & Middlesex Archaeological Society’s first Publications Award in 2003.





Val’s recent research on Hogarth’s House, identifying its likely builders, the Hogarth family’s circle of friends and neighbours and most of the past occupants, was published by Scala Books in 2012.

Children book cover finalA research project to support an exhibition at the House in 2013 was carried out with the help of three other members of the Brentford & Chiswick Local History Society. It generated far more material than could be included in the exhibition and formed the basis for a new book, Chiswick’s Children 1750-1800.  Well illustrated and beautifully designed by Toni  Marshall (who also designed Flood!), it was published by  Heritage Publications (Hounslow Council).